Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ya Leilit el-3eid anisteeenia .. :)

First of all , happy Eid to everyone and inshallah it may be mubarak and great for all ..

and beside leilit el-3eid , it was my birthday september 29th .. :)

For this year i got what i really needed , wanted and asked for , it was really great and amazing
The celebrations started in jordan the minute when Hani Mitwasi said "bidna ni7ki l-Dana kul saneh w inti salmeh" ;) till i recived the last Birthday msg today at 1:30 AM from my cousin in jordan :)

I would like to thank every friend and family member who made this day soo special ..!!!

Kul 3am w into b-alf kheir w yen3ad 3aleikom ... :)

5 Openions !!!:

Anonymous said...

Double happiness wishes for Eid and your birthday.. Inshallah b yen3ad 3leiki bel so7a w salameh..w 3o2bal meet sinneh ya rab..

welcome back, am sure you had wonderful time in Jordan..Good to see you around too sweety :)

SimSim said...

Happy Birthday and Eid Mubarak ... in sha2 allah kol ayamek a3yaad :)

vagueraz said...

ween el cake ???lol....

ĐàŋdŎöŅёH said...

Thansk alot for ur wishes ,i really had a great time in jordan it was the best week in Ramadan .. :)

thanks sweets same to u and ur family .. :)

Thanks dear , sad2i ma akalit cake myself !!! lol

KJ said...

belated 3eed mubarak o belated happy birthday :)